Summer Scenes and Life Lessons

One of my favourite things to do on this blog is share some of my favourite photos taken from a particular season in my life. Right now, it is the heart of summer, and life is bursting with excitement. There is lots to do - that’s for sure! But I am (almost always) having fun dashing from one place to the next, capturing life’s beauty and learning some helpful life lessons along the way. So, here’s what I’ve been up to this summer, and what I’ve learned from it all.

Going to School in the Summer

Yes, you heard me. School in the summer. At times, it can be really difficult to sit and focus in class, especially on those sunny days when all I want to do is tan in my backyard or grab a cold drink on a patio. But, most days, it really isn’t so bad. The campus is quiet and everyone seems to be a lot more relaxed. We even had one of our classes outside the other day. If I’ve learned anything about going to school in the summer time, it’s that school is what you make it. Bring your favourite drink to class, study outside in the sunshine, and work hard during the week so Saturdays and Sundays can be saved for going to the market and swimming at the beach.

Getting Ready to Say “I Do”

Jesse and I are getting married in less than two months! Where did the time go? It used to feel so far away, and now it’s right around the corner. Wedding planning has been an absolute blast so far - making lavender bouquets in my bedroom, spray painting lanterns in my backyard, looking up hair styles on Pinterest - the list goes on and on! My biggest piece of advice to anyone planning their wedding is: enjoy the process; there is no need to stress over the little things. Have fun with your projects, celebrate mini milestones, and always remember what matters most at the end of the day. I am so incredibly excited to marry my best friend and share the day with our friends and family.

Engagement photos by Every Little Wonder Photography

Spending Time with Family

I am gaining a new mother and father, new sisters and brothers - they have all welcomed me into their lives with open arms. I feel safe when I am with them. I laugh so hard when I am with them. I am at home when I am with them. Family looks very different to me now - it’s bigger, it’s louder - what more could I ask for? I feel as though Jesse’s family has been my family all along.

Learning a New Craft

I recently got a job at a brand new café in town, and it has certainly awoken my love of coffee and trying new things. I am slowly getting the hang of pulling the perfect espresso and pouring intricate latté art. It is so important to find a job that you love and genuinely enjoy - a job that challenges you and pushes you to get better and better each day. Find a job that feels like home when you walk in and leaves you feeling proud when the day is done.

And Finally, Making the Most of Summer

With all of these things going on at the same time, sometimes it feels like life never stops. I am constantly looking at my calendar and jotting things down in my agenda. I would be lying if I said that it never stresses me out. The most important lesson I’ve learned this summer is mastering the art of balance - taking life one day at a time, finding moments to breathe, and forgetting about to-do lists sometimes (but, of course, I write that down on my to-do list, haha!). Don’t forget to enjoy these beautiful summer days, no matter what your schedule looks like. There is always a way to make the day exciting and worth living. ☀️

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