Eat&Speakeasy Strikes Again: A White Girl’s Take on Vietnamese Cuisine

KW-based chef and entrepreneur Taylor Devalk and her team at Eat&Speakeasy hosted yet another unforgettable pop-up dinner at Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters, nestled right next to the Via Rail train station in Downtown Kitchener. Inspired by her recent trip to Vietnam, Taylor put her own unique twist on her favourite Vietnamese dishes; she wanted to recreate the flavours and textures that she discovered throughout her journey.

“It was very interesting to find out that a bowl of noodles served off of cart in an alleyway for 75 cents was better than some of the most expensive meals I’ve ever eaten,” said Taylor.

Not only did I have the pleasure of attending this pop-up dinner as a guest, I also had the opportunity to capture the evening through my lens. What a treat!

Taylor certainly did not disappoint. The evening was filled with freshly-wrapped spring rolls, warm and savoury noodle bowls, street-style sandwiches and decadent homemade donuts served on a stick. 

The vibrant cocktail menu was curated and created by Ryan King, local craft cocktail bartender and food enthusiast. His cocktails were just as much fun to drink as they were to photograph.

As the sun poured in through the large windows, guests “spoke easy” with friends new and old while sipping on cocktails, passing around fresh herbs and homemade hot sauces, and slurping on steaming noodles. It was truly a night to remember.

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