August Adventures

The month of August was filled with some exciting milestones and life adventures. 

For starters, I officially finished my PR degree! Though the weeks leading up to my final presentation were some of the hardest, most stressful days of my life, I know now that it was all entirely worth it. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished and I came out of this experience with so many incredible memories and new skills. And most importantly, I came out of this experience with a deep and ever-growing passion for communication and the art of bringing people together.

After I finished school, it was time to celebrate! I had an entire week of vacation booked off from work, so I decided to celebrate with the ones I love most.

The first weekend was spent with Jesse, enjoying a surprise getaway at Langdon Hall in Cambridge (thank you, my dear Jesse). What a magical weekend - I truly felt like we were living in a fairytale. Brunching under the shady trees, exploring the gardens, reading by the pool - it was the epitome of bliss.

After our quiet weekend away, I was off to British Columbia to visit my best friend, Simona, and what an amazing adventure it was! We did a lot of walking, a lot of laughing, and a whole lot of beer drinking.

In true Emma fashion, I took a ton of photos along the way. So, here is a collection of my favourite moments from my adventures. Enjoy!

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